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What have previous customers said about us?

We sincerely thank our clients for the opportunity to make their individual events come to life and for their personal words on their experiences!

"Alison Tilzey has quickly became a real asset, not just to me, but to my wider team, too. Her ability to organise and facilitate has been shown on a number of occasions - and was very evident recently, so will use this as an example - the key points are noted below, in relation to tasks completed, but in summary, the event was organised and conducted more cohesively than a similar event run last year - having Alison take the lead meant myself, assessors and candidates, were all able to concentrate on the assessment tasks without being concerned about the organisation of the day. Alison very quietly but effectively, supported the entire event.

In brief - Alison was responsible for, in relation to preparing for a recruitment assessment centre event:
  • Liaising with all candidates to ensure attendance at the event
  • ensuring candidates received all appropriate information to prepare for the event
  • Ensuring there were sufficient staff member from across our organisation, to conduct the assessments
  • Organising all files (paper and electronic) to ensure information was stored and retrieved easily
  • Arranging for physical space to be available (sufficient meeting and interview rooms)
  • Arranging furniture hire - liaising with the hire company and ensuring they were keeping to schedule
  • Compiling schedules for the day (liaising with me and with our HR team throughout)
  • Organising overnight accommodation for relevant staff (and as a side product organised discounted rates and credit facilities with the hotel chain)
On the day itself:
  • Travelling to Leeds to be present early enough to assist staff team in organising space; paperwork; refreshments etc
  • Meet and greet candidates - then throughout the day ensure they were each in the right place at the right time
  • Ensuring staff team were kept "fed and watered" 
  • preparing for end session - scoring and benchmarking"

Elizabeth Percy
Head of Operations
Action for Blind People


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